Local Rapeseed Oil

Local Rapeseed Oil producer Welland Valley Oils now have there website online. Their list of stockists is unfortunately blank but the product is was available at the Langton Farm Shop when I visited in early December. I will add them to the main site when I have further details.

Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

As a Leicestershire bloke, the Pork Pie I make is of the Melton Mowbray variety: a pie made 'free standing', not in a tin, with plain not cured pork that is chopped not minced and with a jellied pork stock between the meat and pastry. The pie is made from 'hot water crust' pastry

I have made pies over the Christmas period using two different pastry recipes: the first using a recipe from Oddley, a member of the sausagemaking.org forum, and the other my own. They both have their merits. I'll leave you to judge which is best.

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Merry Christmas

I'll post the Pork Pie details that I promised as soon as I can get time away from cooking!

In the meantime 'Merry Christmas' everyone.

Pork Pie 'Sausage' Rolls

You know those days when you get the most stupid ideas? Well, today was one of them.

I thought I would try out a new pastry recipe for pork pie. Why? I don't know, everyone likes the pie I make currently. Anyway, during the middle of the experiment I thought, “Why not make this into a sausage roll type 'thingy'.”

The meat is chopped in true Melton Mowbray style – it's even got jelly, courtesy of a hyperdermic noodle syringe! Make it neater, add a bit of fancy dressed salad, and it's £6.95 at your local gastro-pub! I'll post details of the pie and the recipe tomorrow.

Pork Pie 'sausage rolls'
Nurse! You can take me back to the home now!

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In a bit of a Stew

We decided to have a stew/casserole today, only to realise, after we had defrosted the meat, that we hadn't got any root veg to put in it!

Oh well, make do and mend, we'll just used some onion, celery and tomatoes.

The casserole with dumplings

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The 'Roughest' Rough Puff

I always intend to prepare for Christmas in plenty of time, but it never seems to happen! One thing I do like to make is my own sausage rolls. There is no comparison between a home-made sausage roll, made with good (home-made) sausage meat, and the awful frozen sludge filled offerings at the supermarket. Uncooked, commercially produced, sausage rolls only need to have a 6% meat content!

For sausage rolls I make a sort of rough puff pastry:

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Cheese Choux Nibbles

Choux pastry rings alarm bells with many people who presume it to be the domain of the professional pastry chef. In fact, as pastry goes, it's one of the simplest – it doesn't require a light touch, cold hands or any of the other 'special' things that many other types of pastry do.

This recipe is fine for simple savouries, a sort of baked beignet – you may want to use a more refined recipe though for things like éclairs or profiteroles. It uses a 2:4:8 ratio of butter, flour and water when made using imperial measurements – that's 2oz butter, 4oz plain flour and 8 fluid ounces of water – you also need 3 eggs.

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Polish Smoked Sausage - Videos

It's hard to post when you are only using one eye so here's some YouTube videos, from Wittdog, a member of the Sausage Making Forum that I am also a member of. They are for making a Smoked Polish Sausage. I intend to use this recipe as soon as the smoker, that I am building with the help of my nephew Mick, is up and running.

Video 1 - Preparing the meat

Video 2 - Making the sausage mix

Video 3 - Stuffing the sausage

Video 3 - Smoking the sausage

The recipe for these sausages is at: Grandpa Jumbo's Polish Sausage

I'm really looking forward to trying these

Blind as a Bat

The broken glasses

Yesterday was not my lucky day!

I had an outpatient's appointment in Sheffield so and I trundled up the motorway to the Spinal Unit; that purpose built architect designed unit for people in wheelchairs where they put 13 'disabled' parking spaces for the whole place. Where do they get these people from?

Not only was the traffic so lousy on the way back that we detoured off the motorway and came back through Nottinghamshire but, I also managed to loose one of the lenses from my reading glasses at some time during the day. By the time we got near to home neither of us fancied cooking, so the chip shop it was. Pauline went in and came back seething 25 minutes later with our 'Fast Food'. First, they hadn't got an item she wanted, but it would only be 5 minutes, 15 minutes later it was done – but they were waiting for chips! Don't you just know when your having one of those days.

Why am I telling you this? I haven't a clue! Maybe it'll make your crappy day seem better?

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Dry Cure Bacon - The results

There is now a full tutorial including a cure calculator on the Modern Bacon Cure posting.

Other posts in this series:
Dry Cure Bacon - 7 Days on
Dry Cure Bacon
Sausage and Curing Equipment and Supplies

I put the bacon in the wine cooler to dry 4 days ago. I meant to sort it out a couple of days ago but didn't get around to it. It's nicely dry now – in fact the rind's like hard-board!

The dry bacon

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Dry Cure Bacon - 7 Days on

To make your own bacon see my Dry Cured Bacon - Tutorial.

I wrote about dry curing bacon on 29 November. I had started curing the bacon a couple of days previously, so it has now beeen curing for 7 days. The bacon has been washed in cold water and dried with a paper towel:

Bacon after washing

I have hung it in the wine fridge I use for curing: I'll dry it for a couple of days. This gives time for the cure in the meat to even itself out so it is spread equally throughout the meat:

Bacon drying

Dry Cured Bacon - Part 3 - The Finished Bacon

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Duchesse Bubble

When you post about the amount of food that is wasted in the UK today, you feel obliged to use as many of your own leftovers as you can.

'Bubble and Squeak' has been a favourite for a long time but I felt like doing something a bit different. Duchesse bubble is just Bubble' and Squeak' made like Duchesse Potatoes. The mashed potatoes and chopped leftover veg, brussels and carrots in this case, were mixed, seasoned and a couple of egg yolks added. Blast, that means I've got to do something with the leftover whites – will it never end?

Duchesse Bubble
Anyway, I piped them and stuffed them in a hot oven for about 15 mins. Then under the grill to brown.
Duchesse Bubble

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Langton Farm Shop - Wild Boar Sausage

Monday is usually 'leftover' day in our house: we demolished the pork joint from Heath Farm yesterday so decided to have the wild boar sausage that we bought from Langton Farm Shop on Saturday.

I served them with Duchesse Bubble. They were tasty, a slightly stronger taste than the home-made pork sausage that accompanied them.

Wild Boar Sausage
The wild boar sausage are on the right.

Wild Boar Sausage
The sausage was quite finely ground which I like in a thin sausage. They were lightly seasoned which let the wild boar flavour shine.

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