I'll Never Be a Proper Blogger

Silver Wedding FlowersHow do they do it? Guys like Stonehead I mean. He manages to run a smallholding and still blog a couple of times most days. I'm just not that organised or disciplined for that matter.

Take this week for example. On Tuesday afternoon we collected half a pig from Don Hutton. On Tuesday evening we dry cured the loin and put the leg to brine. That went fine.

On Wednesday we made sausage and faggots, and if it could go wrong, it did. On Thursday we hot smoked some Polish sausage and trout. This is the second test of the new smoker that my nephew Mick has been helping me build. Things went pretty well considering, it will need a few changes, but nothing major.

Now all this would be far more interesting in glorious technicolor but did I think to take photos – did I heck as like. Like I say, I'll never be a proper blogger!

Tommorrow, we're having a sampling session with the sausage and trout – I'm looking forward to trying the 'Chilli Willies' (tomato and chilli) from a recipe on the Sausagemaking.org Forum.

Other items this week, that have caught my eye include:

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