Yesterday's Weather

We had a bit of a blustery day yesterday. One of my neighbours filmed it:

Not Again!

Yes, once again I'm laid up in bed. It's a damned nuisance as it puts all my plans back. Even more annoying is that it has meant that I was unable to meet with Robert, an online mate who is over from Canada. It's amazing how the internet creates friendships among people who have never met. I've some fantastic online friends who never fail to amaze me with their generosity. Robert is one of them. I won't embarrass him by telling you exactly how generous he is!

As you'll guess, very little has happened in the curing/sausage-making department. The only thing that we've managed to do is make some smoked back bacon. I would not normally mention it because it's one of those things that when you've already posted the recipe etc there's not much left to say. However, on this occasion things are slightly different as the meat is a cheap loin from the local wholesaler, it's just a larger version of what's sold in the supermarket - it was cured in a 'normal' food grade plastic bag rather than vacuum packed and it was smoked in a kettle barbecue as there's no door on my smoker at the moment.

Smoking bacon

The resulting bacon is still better than the supermarket's and had I not wanted it smoked, no special equipment would have been involved. As it is, the cold smoke generator that you can see in the barbecue only costs around £30 - it's a fantastic piece of kit, one of my best buys. It shows that there's no excuse for not having decent bacon. Make your own bacon, you'll get none of the horrible liquid in your pan that supermarket bacon produces and, like for like, it's often cheaper. If you don't feel confident to make it from scratch, you can always use one of these ready mixed cures.

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