Leicester & Leicestershire Food Fortnight

Food Fortnight

Leicester & Leicestershire Food Fortnight is well under way with loads of events taking place over the next two weeks culminating in the The East Midlands Food & Drink Festival on the 6/7th October at the Cattle Market in Melton Mowbray.

A list and map of events, which vary from Brewery Tours to Pork Pie Masterclasses and includes the Coalville Food and Drink Festival, can be found at the goleicestershire.com website.

It's great to see such a large number and variety of events with things for all ages to take part in.

Bacon Cure Calculator

The Cure Calculator is here » »
Cured Back Bacon

Whilst there are already quite a few cure calculators for bacon on this site, none allow you to choose your own levels of salt, sugar etc. This one enables you to do just that whilst still curing to either EU or US commercial standards...

The Cure Calculator is here » »

First US Style BBQ

There are times when I wonder whether the subtitle of this blog should be: "Making mistakes so you don't have to!", although in the case of my first US style bbq nothing major went wrong, it's just that the things that went wrong were those irritating things that, had I been wearing my "thinking head", wouldn't have.

That said, I produced a decent plate of food. There's pork ribs with a rub and sauce from the amazingribs.com website. Chicken, Boston baked beans and coleslaw. Oh, and a bit of pork cracklin' off the bellies that I cut up for the ribs:

Ribs, chicken, Boston beans and coleslaw

"Shurrup and tell us about the mistakes; that's more fun."
OK dear reader, I'll get to that! The first thing I did was to (deliberately) leave the full belly, less the skin, on one set of ribs.

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Belgrave Hall Good Food Fair

Just a quick reminder that it's the The Belgrave Hall Good Food Fair this weekend on both Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September from 11.00am to 4.00pm.

The fair is held in the gardens of Belgrave Hall Museum & Gardens, , Church Road, Leicester LE4 5PE and entry is £1

Just 'Cos I like It.

I'm posting this for no other reason than that I like it and the sentiment it expresses. If you don't, then that's tough - 'cos this is my blog!

Smoking and Barbecue (BBQ) options

On a previous post I said I'd give further detail of the options for smoking, grilling and barbecuing food. My health and other factors have delayed this, but here goes.

Let's start cold and get hotter!

Cold Smoking

So to cold smoking.
What's that?
It's a method of smoking food at temperatures below 30°C/86°F (approx) so that they are uncooked. It's the method that produces smoked salmon that when thinly sliced and nicely presented sells for silly money. The cold process also allows items that would otherwise melt, such as cheese and butter, to be smoked.
Surely, I can't make that?
Well here's news for you, you can.
In fact it's easy; all you need is one of these cold smoke generators. . With this, you can smoke fish, meat, cheese, eggs, salt, the list's as big as your imagination. Just find a suitable container: a cardboard box, old fridge, barrel, large bucket etc and you're away. You can even buy a ready made cardboard smoker - it may seem expensive and hardly durable, but the one I road tested in 2010 is still being used regularly by a friend of mine.

Cold smoking

There are many other methods of cold smoking; I've tried many of them. None are as cheap, easy, and produce smoke for as long without intervention as this.

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