Cheese Choux Nibbles

Choux pastry rings alarm bells with many people who presume it to be the domain of the professional pastry chef. In fact, as pastry goes, it's one of the simplest – it doesn't require a light touch, cold hands or any of the other 'special' things that many other types of pastry do.

This recipe is fine for simple savouries, a sort of baked beignet – you may want to use a more refined recipe though for things like éclairs or profiteroles. It uses a 2:4:8 ratio of butter, flour and water when made using imperial measurements – that's 2oz butter, 4oz plain flour and 8 fluid ounces of water – you also need 3 eggs.

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Cheese and Onion Rolls

Cheese and Onion rolls

I was going to make some more Cinder Toffee today to check that I had given the correct temperature in the recipe. However, we had to go out and there wasn't time to make both bread and toffee when we got back.

The purists will scoff at this recipe. Yes, it does cut a few corners and, there are more chemicals than I would like, due to the use of fast acting yeast. It sure beats anything the supermarkets sell though.

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Raw Milk

Unpasturised raw milk seems to have been hitting the food news in the last couple of weeks.

The 'Farmers Weekly Blog' reports on banning in ,amy states of the sale of 'raw' milk and about the illicit trade surrounding it. Reminiscent of Prohibition? We all know what that did for the increased sales of alcohol!

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