Another Revelation - Puffballs

My good friend, , found a couple of these in the paddock at the back of his house:


Now, normally I wouldn't be seen dead eating any type of fungi that hadn't been checked over by an expert. Umm... ...thinking about it, should that be: "I would be seen dead...!" Anyway, you get the gist. However, there's apparently very little else that a puffball this size can be mistaken for; as long as the flesh is white, it's safe to eat. Very small ones are a different matter; the immature form of some of the deadliest fungi can be mistaken for those.

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Horse Burger Anyone?

Is it just me, or is there a certain irony, that on the day after the British press have been up in arms about traces of horse DNA being found in beef burgers, the following headline appears on the BBC's News Nottingham website:

Nottinghamshire police horses: Bringing back unit 'would cost £400,000'

Oh well, it amused me!

Happy New Year

New Year

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Local Food Heroes is now a Local Food Hero!

Detail from Leicester Mercury More Magazine CoverI've just found out that the Local Food Heroes blog was named as a 'Local Food Hero' in last Saturday's Leicester Mercury 'More' Magazine.

This blog featured in the 'Food Writers and Bloggers' section alongside The Mercury's own food reporter Joan Stephens; Tim Burke, the former restaurant critic who runs 'Eyes on The Prize', a blog about places to eat and drink; Hazel Paterson of the 'It's not F****** Rocket Science' blog, with it's superb photography and recipes; and Matt Wright, editor of 'Great Food', a magazine celebrating everything 'foodie' in the Midlands area.

I'm honoured to be featured in such good company.

Links to the blogs mentioned:

Frost Free My A***

We've got two freezers, an upright 'frost free' one and a standard chest one that we use for bulk purchases. Now, the term 'frost free' is a bit misleading, as in, if you don't defrost the damned thing regularly it just stops working! It generally starts again after you've switched it off and left it a couple of days, but it's a right pain and always seems to happen when the other freezer's full.

It's even more annoying as of the two freezers this was the more expensive and should be better quality. Needless to say, the cheap and cheerful, bottom of the range chest one just plods on in it's own sweet way with no problems!

That's why I'm in a foul mood having spent the evening making loads of soup, beef casserole, collar bacon and tandoori chicken among other things.

It's at times like this that you're glad of the slow-cooker and that you bought that new seal for the pressure cooker. It's also when you realise that the frozen mixed veg makes a good base for soup!
Phil having frozen mixed veg in the freezer? Surely not?
It's there because Emma bought it to keep the crab that she bought me when she went to the coast cool!

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