Not Lincolnshire Sausage

Lincolnshire Sausage

This sausage formulation was posted on the forum with slight adaption of the method by me. It has been developed from a recipe that I believe was originally supplied by Phil Groth to forum member Parson Snows with some adaption by another forum member, Oddley.

I have since been informed that the only herbs and spices in a 'true' Lincolnshire sausage are sage, salt and pepper. This is supported by The Lincolnshire Sausage Association's application for EU PGI status. So, this recipe is 'technically' not a true Lincolnshire; it is however, a great recipe and a Lincolnshire sausage in spirit!

Firstly, Make the following sausage seasoning:

50g Salt 50%
5g White Pepper 5%
5g Black Pepper 5%
5g Grated Nutmeg 5%
2g Ground Mace 2%
3g Ground Ginger 3%
1g Ground Allspice 1%
15g Dried sage 15%
14g Corn flour 14%

Mix above together until even in colour.

For the sausage

1kg Locally Produced Pork Shoulder 50%
500g Locally Produced Pork Belly 25%
270g Water (Chilled) 13.5% or 225gm if using breadcrumbs
180g Rusk 9% or 225gm breadcrumbs
50g Sausage Seasoning (above) 2.5%


1. Mince the meats through the blade of your choice (Course or fine). I mince twice through the course mincer plate.
2. Add meats to the bowl and add the seasoning, mix well.
3. Add rusk or bread crumb.
4. Add the chilled water.
5. Mix vigorously until the meat mixture looks sticky. I really work it at this stage.
(this develops myosin, the protein that sticks the sausage together & gives texture, rather like the gluten in bread).
7. If the mixture is wet or soft let it stand for a few minutes for the rusk / breadcrumb to re-hydrate.
8. Fill into casings.
9. Allow to stand for 6 - 8 hours to Bloom (for flavour development).

For other amounts of meat, you can use this calculator:

Not Lincolnshire Sausage Calculator
Weight of Meat in grams gm
Water gm
Rusk gm
Seasoning Mix gm
Total Amount of Sausage gm
Individual Seasoning Weights
Salt gm
Ground White Pepper gm
Ground Black Pepper gm
Ground Nutmeg gm
Ground Mace gm
Ground Ginger gm
Ground Allspice gm
Dried Sage gm
Cornflour gm

Cook and Enjoy

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There are 26 comments

baz thorpe

lincolnshire sausage rescipe looks spot on but the addition of cornflour seems unusual, like what is its purpurse ,for it does not add any extra flavour. baz.

baz thorpe, (Email ) - 02-03-’09 21:11
baz thorpe

thanks phill, but i think i will try it with the salt & not the corn-flower. baz.

baz thorpe, (Email ) - 04-03-’09 21:35

You could maybe use breadcrumb instead of cornflour?

Phil, (Email ) (URL) - 04-03-’09 21:40

Finished a batch of these today, beautiful balance of spice, herbs & salt. I kept to the recipe, including the cornflour, refrigerated the mix for 24 hours before stuffing, refrigerated another 24 hours before freezing. The samples I fried, had perfect texture, the meat was minced twice through the course blade.

JollyJohn, - 21-02-’12 22:38

Yes, it’s still a favourite of mine.

Phil, (URL) - 21-02-’12 23:12

This is essentially the recipe that I use, except I don’t use any cornflour and I put some marjoram in. I now call this sausage Hampshire Herby. Although it is based on the Lincolnshire I think it is different enough to have it’s own name. Phil

Phil GROTH, - 07-05-’12 10:18

It’s a fantastic recipe Phil, thanks for visiting – if anyone wants great sausages without making their own, visit Phil’s Shop in Lee-on-Solent:

Phil, - 10-05-’12 19:55

Now this is strange! I got to this recipe from the sausagemaking forum as i am new to making sausage, just seen your comment about Phils sausage shop and it being in Lee-on-solent and i remembered that i visited my brother and his family in Fareham back in October (i live 150 miles away from them) and we had a BBQ the evening we got there. He told me he had found a sausage shop in Lee (the next village along) that did amazing sausages and he had purchased several types. I remember eating them and agreeing that they were fantastic. Its funny how things turn out. Cant wait to try this recipe.

Louis, - 05-12-’12 22:14

I hope that you enjoy this recipe – it’s very popular in this house!

Phil, - 06-12-’12 22:31
frank west

these recipes i have made 5 stone every day for he last 40 years of lincs sauage bread two days old pepper white sage salt water hang in fridge for one week this will let them dry and the seasoning to work AND I LIVE IN THE COUNTY FOO

frank west, - 24-11-’13 13:26

Hi Frank,

Thank you for posting your method for making this sausage. However, you seem to have cut off mid-sentence. I’d be interested to here more about hanging the sausage for a week. It’s unusual to do this nowadays with a fresh un-cured sausage.

There’s certainly a lot of controversy around Lincolnshire sausage (as there is with any recipe) with some of the County’s butchers insisting that the only flavourings should be salt, pepper and sage, and others insisting that other spices can be added. As they say, “variety is the spice of life”. I like both.

Phil, - 01-12-’13 13:37

l am 69. we used to put down a pig regularly and l had all my original recipes from deceased relatives. The Lincolnshire sausage has only pork, bread, sage, salt and pepper. l used to mix it together in a baby bath. leave out too much fat. render it down to make the hot crust pastry for the pork pies etc etc it all used to take 3 days….. Lincolnshire yellow belly

Pat, - 04-09-’14 21:58

Thanks Pat, it sounds like you had some really good food.

Phil, - 05-09-’14 14:42

Living in Eastern Europe and missing home and all the flavours thereof! Made a batch of these today and cooked a sausage patty of leftover meat. Delicious! Can’t wait until we try the real sausages tomorrow! Lived in Lincoln and Lincolnshire for over 30 years before coming out to do charity work in Romania!

Sylvia, - 21-11-’14 16:17

Thanks for this.
Just a question.
Realy that much nutmeg?

Gernot , - 09-08-’16 21:04

Yes, that’s correct. There’s 5% Nutmeg in the seasoning mix. Please note that there’s only 2.5% seasoning mix in the sausage. The nutmeg in the final sausage is 0.17%.

Hope this helps


Phil, - 10-08-’16 16:33
Rony August

Do any of the sausages burst open
When they’re being cooked?

Rony August, - 15-11-’17 05:01

Yes, it’s usually because of cooking at too high a temperature. They’re also more prone to do it if not left to bloom or if too much water is added. HTH

Phil, - 16-11-’17 14:03

I know someone has already asked why the cornflour, but cannot see a response to that question. I’m very curious also to know why cornflour is added. I’m a newbie to sausage making so am trying to obtain as much knowledge as I can. Love this site.

Dizzynanny, - 25-12-’17 03:40

Whilst cornflour, or even plain flour, may be used to make a sausage firmer and less likely to lose fat , (say) for sausage rolls, in this case it’s simply to replace the marjoram that was in the original recipe. Because the spices are mixed together and then added to the meat in a specific ratio, had the marjoram just been omitted the ratio of the other spices would change and the desired flavour would not be achieved. By adding a (more-or-less) flavourless replacement such as cornflour the status quo is maintained. HTH

Phil, - 27-12-’17 17:19

Thanks Phil for your quick response, very informative

Dizzynanny, - 28-12-’17 13:36
Jeff Rubinoff

What do you mean by ‘coarse’ My two coarsest plates are 10mm and 8mm. Would either of those work?

Jeff Rubinoff, - 12-07-’19 12:58
Phil Young

I grind it through a 10mm and then a 6mm so would go for twice through the 8mm and see what you think.

Phil Young, - 06-08-’19 15:56

I would like to know what is the best salt to use, as I like to use sea salt or is the recipies for table salt. kev

Kevin, - 15-07-’21 21:51
Phil Young


I use sea salt. It’s what’s used for the best charcuterie in the world – that’s good enough for me.

Phil Young, - 19-07-’21 18:32

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