Smoked Trout

Yesterday my new mate arrived on the doorstep with a couple of trout. I've only met Darren two or three times at my local, so this was a really nice gesture and shows what a generous guy he is. He'd caught them yesterday morning and they were still 'stiff' fresh – superb!

Now, the obvious thing to do would be just to cook and enjoy them: lack of a kitchen at the present time ruled this out so I had to put my brain into lateral thinking mode – why not smoke them? Any sensible person would hot smoke them, but with no heat that's a bit tricky! So, what does the little boy wonder (a la goon's) decide to do – yep cold smoke 'em!

Firstly, you make an 80% brine, that's 1.2kg of salt in a gallon of water, oops no scales 'cos they've been packed away 'cos the kitchens being 'done' – remember long lost advice that a potato floats when the brine is the correct strength – get to make up the brine 'cos I can't get my wheelchair anywhere near the sink due to the work being done on it – add some sugar to the brine (about half the amount of salt). Gut and fillet trout on knee in living room much to the disgust of the kids and 'brine' it for a couple of hours – hang (the trout not the kids!) on my new specially constructed drying rack – a couple of skewers over a plastic lined waste bin. Improvisation – that's my new middle name!

Today, I have put the trout to smoke in my Soldering Iron and Bean Can Smoker. I'm using oak chippings for the smoke and will judge by eye when it is done enough; a better method is to weigh the fillets at the start and brine/smoke to achieve a 20% weight-loss, but keep up – I've told you already I can't get to my scales!

The trout in the smoker

The trout in the smoker – the fillets are a bit ragged due to having to manage a slippery fish on my knee!

I'll post the results in a couple of days.

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