Tomato Soup a.k.a. Ghost's Blood!

Well that's crept up on me without me noticing! It's Halloween on Monday: that special day when little kids can 'mug' old people with impunity!

At this point, 'proper' bloggers would roll out a recipe for a cake with spiders, slugs, ghouls or goolies (evening vicar!). Well, my kids are grown up and if I want a cake, I'll make a cake, but I can't be fussed with all that nonsense. Perhaps I can pretend that the pear in the pear sponge cake, that Pauline made a couple of days ago, is ectoplasm or some other such nonsense!

Anyway, here's my recipe for ghost's blood, something special for Halloween (or for that matter any other time that has tons of spare tomatoes!).

This is simplicity itself. I half filled a medium sized saucepan saucepan (about 18cm diameter - the middle sized one that comes in a standard set of three) with cherry tomatoes and added a medium sized onion and stick of celery, both chopped up. Cover with water or stock (I used water), season with salt and pepper, and simmer it for about about 20 minutes before liquidising. Sieve the mixture through a fine sieve, taste and adjust seasoning. It may need a little sugar if the tomatoes were a bit acidic, or some tomato puree adding to the mix if they're a bit flavourless (never an issue with Bob's!). I like to add a tablespoon or two of double cream just before serving. (omit the cream for a vegan version)

Tomato soup

I would point out that this is the very basic recipe and method: the way to make if time is short. Whilst it's fine, greater effort will give an even better result. A couple of options are roasting the tomatoes or sweating the vegetables until cooked in butter before making the soup. You can add herbs/garlic/spices whilst cooking it or chopped soft herbs such as parsley, chervil or basil, after it has been sieved. The one thing I never add to tomato soup is anything for thickening; I think that you don't get the full flavour of the tomatoes if you do.

...and the pear sponge? Well, Pauline made it following a suggestion of mine. It was great but would have been even better had we used whole pear halves rather than chopping them smaller - my fault, as Pauline had asked me what she should do.

Pear Cake

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There are five comments

Mr. British foods


Now, kids will know that tomato soup is not scary but yummy! You can also check out some british foods here.

British food, British foods online

Mr. British foods, (URL) - 29-10-’11 07:25

Looking nice, it is one that I am going to have to for down stairs. I am doing blacks on Sunday and was thinking of doing ‘blood soup’ for Monday.

The pear sponge looks tasty as well

Robert, - 29-10-’11 09:02

pear sponge? I’d like to see that recipe if you could Phil, It sure looks good from here.
If I made everything you posted I’d be 300 pounds (140 Kg). But it always looks delicious, so what ever you do don’t stop posting. .

dammcg, - 29-10-’11 21:45

For the pear sponge I just used an all-in-one sponge recipe – It would be better with a denser sponge though. Mum does a superb gooseberry one – I’ll ask her for the recipe.
As to weight? Well just enjoy life. The extra 10 years that you live by doing all the healthy things are not another 10 years between 20 and 30 years old. They’re at the end of your life, when you’re in a home and incontinent!

Phil, (URL) - 01-11-’11 18:22

Yum yum! tomato soup is my favourite :)

Tom, (URL) - 07-11-’15 16:02

I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. Please post urgent enquiries at the forum.

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