Candied Oranges and Lemons

Candied Oranges

Candied, crystallized, cristallised or glacé fruits, those things of Christmases with elderly aunts. A mystery of the sugar worker's art, they are seldom seen nowadays. No wonder when online they're as much as £1 per ounce!

For some reason, I fancied making some. I guess it's down to my penchant to make anything that any sensible person would buy...
..."Not at £1 and ounce they wouldn't", I hear you cry!

I looked online for recipes, but this produced a lot of recipes for quick candying by boiling the fruit in syrup; I knew that this wasn't what I wanted and was just about to resort to Mrs Beeton when I found The Brownie Points Blog. The picture of chocolate coated candied orange slices looked just what I wanted. Not only that, but there was a link to a book by an expert confectioner giving even fuller details.

That was over 20 days ago and the orange and lemon slices are now ready to use. The orange has worked out far more successfully than the lemon. I think that maybe I cut the lemon a little bit to thinly, or maybe I kept them in the hot water for too long. They've been fine until the last few days, but now there seems to be a slight disintegration of the fruit segments. If it comes to the worst, I can always 'cut my losses' and just keep the rind.

...It all started back on the 10th of October when I prepared 6 oranges by cutting them in half top-to-bottom, then sliced them crosswise into half-moon pieces about 3-4mm wide.

The pieces were put into just boiling, lightly salted, water until they floated to the surface (or for a couple of minutes, whichever's first). They were cooled in iced water before being drained and placed in a pot large enough to hold them.

I made a sugar syrup by dissolving 1kg of sugar in 600ml of water and heated it to boiling. When boiling, it was poured over the orange segments and a plate was placed on top to keep them submerged. It was kept in the dark - a black bin liner in this case!

Now I waited for a day, then drained the syrup from the fruit and heated it with a further 100gm of sugar - just to dissolve the sugar. I poured it back over the fruit and put it back in a dark place for a day...
...and did it again...
...and did it again...
...and again...
In fact, I did it 14 times, over 14 days. On the last day I added 20gm of glucose as well as the sugar - as per the confectionery book that the Brownie Points Blog refers to.

I left them for a further 4 days and they were done.

Apparently, they will keep in the dark for a long while without refrigeration. To use them? Well use your imagination, but drying and coating with caster sugar or chocolate seems favourite...

...I'll write about that when I get around to it!

Oranges and Lemon before candying

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There are four comments


I just did a quick calculation and I reckon that lot has cost you at least £12 : 17s : 11d an ounce to make. I’m off to Asda to buy some at £1 an ounce!

Keith, (URL) - 03-11-’12 21:58

As if I do not have enough on my plate right now …………. just got tu try this ……… thanks a heap I think ;-)

Robert, - 03-11-’12 22:13

I find the rind a bit too chewy but Mum and Dad think it’s great. I’m going to try pineapple using the same method – maybe boil it for longer though.

Phil, - 04-11-’12 18:24

They look great, I’ll try this in January.

NCPaul, - 05-11-’12 18:41

I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. Please post urgent enquiries at the forum.

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