Bacon Cure Calculator

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Cured Back Bacon

Whilst there are already quite a few cure calculators for bacon on this site, none allow you to choose your own levels of salt, sugar etc. This one enables you to do just that whilst still curing to either EU or US commercial standards...

The Cure Calculator is here » »

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There are nine comments

ricky nash

I was from Yorkshire (Gods County) but now live in the Philippines, found your site after trying a few others, I use your bacon and sausage calculator and I’m spreading the Gospel, So easy and prefect EVERY time, I use it for Deli boiled ham, again prefect, Got a lot of xpats wanting my/your bacon and I smoke some with ether coconut, but the best is Mahogany, Do you have a recipe for Northern Black Pudding??

ricky nash, - 20-02-’14 08:40

Sorry, I’ve not got a specifically Northern recipe for Black Pudding. You may get one if you ask at the forum – I know that one of the regular contributors trained as a butcher in Blackpool.


Phil, - 25-02-’14 12:16

Nicely put Sir. ;)

robert, - 06-03-’14 00:07

Hi, On your curing page you say that 1Kg of meat needs: 22.5g, 8g of sugar, 2.5g Cure #1 and optional 0.5g ascorbate.
However, when I enter 1000g into the calculator and select EU, the values are: 22.75g salt, 10g sugar, 2.4g cure #1, any reason why?

Also, why is curing salt lowerr for skin on in the US? Surly it woulod be more as it takes longer to penetrate?

Many thanks.

Ant, - 29-04-’16 18:38

Hi Ant.

At the time I wrote the tutorial for the forum the cure supplied by their shop was only 5.88% nitrite. It’s now slightly higher but the difference is academic so the recipe didn’t need altering. This recipe (well actually the one with 22gm salt – but I can’t tell the difference!) is one of my favourites with a bit of thyme and black pepper added. The calculator enables you to set your own preference for salt and sugar but defaults to 2.5% salt and 1% sugar. I left it for people to chose their own levels as tastes vary. For example, a butcher that I admire uses 2% salt and 0.5% sugar. I get as many people say that my favourite is too salty as say that it’s not salty enough. I hope this helps and that you enjoy your bacon.
Phil, - 29-04-’16 20:39

Hi Phil,

The text on the “choose your own” bacon cure calculator says “This refers to the mix of Salt and Sodium Nitrite. It includes Cure #1, Prague Powder #1, Peklosol, Sal Nitrite, DQ & DC Curing salt, Insta-cure etc.”

I suggest removing Peklosol from that list. Peklosol is 0.60% nitrite, not 6.25%, so that calculator doesn’t work for Peklosol.

I’m also not sure about the nitrite level in “sal nitrite” but I think that might also be 0.60%, in line with most other continental curing salt (French “sel rose”, etc).

Otherwise, thanks for the excellent site!

HKDave, - 28-03-’19 04:09

Oooops… Sorry Phil, please disregard/delete my previous post; I completely missed that the calculator has a provision to adjust between 6.25% and 0.60% – despite the fact that I’ve been using it for years. My bad.


HKDave, - 28-03-’19 04:17

Hello Phil,
Can this calculator be used for salmon?
There are many bacon/meat cure calculators, but I can’t seem to find one for salmon and I’m not sure if the ratios would be the same?
Thank you.

Jeff, - 06-12-’20 11:47
Phil Young

Hi Jeff

In terms of calculating the amount of salt for a given weight – yes, of course. But don’t go putting cure #1 in your salmon!

Phil Young, - 09-12-’20 14:47

I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. Please post urgent enquiries at the forum.

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