Sausage Calculators

I have created a number of online calculators for to make life easier for people wanting to use the recipes on this site...

Fresh Sausage
The Thurlaston Sausage
My own recipe - The Thurlaston Sausage . This recipe for a classic British Banger has proved to be very popular.
The 'Every Day' Pork Sausage
My own recipe - The 'Every Day' Pork Sausage . A version of the Thurlaston Sausage with pepper overtones.
Not Lincolnshire Sausage
A recipe from butcher Phil Groth with adaption by sausage forum member Oddley - Not Lincolnshire Sausage . This sausage may not meet the requirements in the Lincolnshire sausage application for PGI status, but is a great sausage with plenty of sage in the Lincolnshire 'style'!
The Far-Famed Cambridge Sausage
The Far-Famed Cambridge Sausage, said to be the classic British Banger, this sausage was the most popular British sausage in the first half of the 20th century. The use of rice allows easy conversion to a gluten free product.
Cooked Sausage
Hot Dogs
A great smoked sausage - Hot Dog Sausage . This recipe using beef and pork is an adaption of forum member Big Guy's pork and chicken Hot Dog.
Irish White Pudding
A classic Irish Irish White Pudding, developed in conjunction with my sausage-making mate John from Dublin - It's that good it got his mother-in-law's approval!
Dried Sausage
This is my own recipe for Chorizo including both a lactic bacteria starter and cure. The starter is optional, but it helps create the taste I like.
Luncheon Meats
Mortadella with Pistachios
Mortadella with Pistachios is a traditional Italian cooked pork sausage. Make it with, or without, the pistachio nuts.
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