Cured Meat Calculators

I have created a number of online calculators for to make life easier for people wanting to use the recipes on this site...

Before you start:
Dry Cured Bacon - Tutorial
Everything you need to know before using the calculators!
Calculators for your own projects:
A Dry Cured Bacon Cure Calculator for your own bacon
This Bacon Cure Calculator will allow you to design your own dry cures knowing that they will be safe by complying to current curing standards.
Mild Bacon
A cure for a Mild Bacon - This is a very mild cure.
My favourite Bacon
A cure with slightly more salt and less sugar - My favourite Bacon . This still has nowhere near the salt level of some 'traditional' bacons from years ago, but is a great starting point for today's palates.
Ventrèche - Bacon by another name
For lardons and cooking, my version of the French Gascon Bacon called Ventrèche is saltier and more robust that the ones above.
A Pancetta from Jason Molinari with lots of herbs. This has a lot more herbs and spices than any other Pancetta recipe I've seen. It's well worth making and is a good 'first time' air-dried meat project.
Pancetta di Thurlaston
My take on Pancetta - Pancetta di Thurlaston . A Pancetta with less herbs and spices than Jason's.
Pancetta di Larbo
An unusual product from my mate This Little Piggy, also known as Larbo - I've named it after him - Pancetta di Larbo . This rolled pancetta arrotolata is flavoured with orange and fennel.
Injection Cured Ham
Pauline's Ham in a Bag
The ever popular Pauline's Ham, but this version's cured in a bag!
Brine Cured Ham
Black Ham
An unusual Black Ham based on the Suffolk Ham of the same name.
Cider Ham
An immersion cured Cider Ham with warm spice overtones.
Air Dried Meat (Whole Muscles - Salumi)
Lomo embuchado
Cured eye of pork loin - Lomo embuchado is a classy product indeed.
Cured beef - Bresaola makes a great change from pork.
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