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  • Bresaola - Recipe and Calculator
    For those that don't know, Bresaola is an air-dried beef that originates in the north of Italy. In the past, I've always made it using Jason Molinari's recipe from curedme
  • The Monster Bresaola - II
    The bresaola has now been curing for 21 days. I have taken it out of its cure, washed it briefly, and have strung it for drying. Regrettably, I don't have a casing large e
  • The Monster Bresaola
    Sometimes curing boils down to 'flying by the seat of your pants'! Let me explain: it all started a week last Tuesday when we went to get some meat from Joseph Morris's at
  • Bresaola - Finished
    The bresaola that was based on a recipe from Jason Molinari has now finished drying; it's lost a total of 38% of its original weight. It tastes as good as it looks.
  • The bresaola is dead; long live the pastrami.
    We are sorry to announce that Mr Supermarket Bresaola passed away on Sunday, 26th July 2009. He had been losing weight for quite a time, but was still extremely soft. On c
  • Bresaola - drying
    Things are somewhat 'on hold' because I'm still languishing in the pit others call a bed. It's always this time of year when things go wrong; it's annoying as I should be
  • Bresaola
    Having sorted out my Curing Fridge , it was about time I started air-drying meat in earnest. Having said, "sorting out my curing fridge", it's taken one further item of eq

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