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  • Onion Bhajis and Tamarind Chutney
    Another buffet favourite that can be made for pennies. Onion Bhajis 8 Tablesp Gram flour (sieved) 1 Tablesp Rice flour (or SR Flour) ½ Tablesp Cumin powder ½ Tablesp Coria
  • Scotch Eggs
    The popular snack Scotch Egg has been much abused by the food industry if the supermarket's offerings are anything to go by - even worse those mini Scotch Eggs served as a
  • Pork Pie 'Sausage' Rolls
    You know those days when you get the most stupid ideas? Well, today was one of them. I thought I would try out a new pastry recipe for pork pie. Why? I don't know, everyon
  • Cheese Choux Nibbles
    Choux pastry rings alarm bells with many people who presume it to be the domain of the professional pastry chef. In fact, as pastry goes, it's one of the simplest – it doe
  • Tapas Croquetas
    An article called 'Leftovers are a cheaper, greener option' at the Daily Telegraph reminded me of a snack/starter I haven't made for some time. Croquetas – croquettes or c
  • Trout Pâté
    I'm surprised that anyone with a blog makes pâté – It's just took me ages looking up the character codes for the 'a with a circumflex' and 'e with an acute' accent. I made

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