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  • Fruit Tarts
    Once you've mastered the Pâte sucrée recipe there are numerous things that you can use it for. One of the nicest is a fruit tart. Whether made with one type of fruit or ma
  • Plum Tart
    Colin brought me a bag of plums along with the peaches that I posted about previously . What to do with them? Well, sometimes you just feel like doing something different;
  • Chocolate Ice Cream
    I saw this recipe for Kitty Travers Chocolate Ice Cream on The Telegraph website and as we're watching our weight, I thought it worth a try. It looks fairly low fat and a
  • Raspberry Ice cream
    The soft fruit season's started early this year and most PYO farms are already open for strawberry picking. As always there is a massive variation of prices depending on w
  • Clotted Cream Ice Cream
    In the absence of any further progress on my 'curing room', you'll have to make do with another ice cream recipe! Mum and Dad have just returned from St Ives and brought w
  • St Clement's Sorbet
    I told you not to hold your breath; I'm still not 'up and running' in my new curing den. Things are progressing, but it looks like being a while longer before I can order
  • Pear and Almond Tart recipe
    This is the last of the three pastry dishes that I made last weekend. Coincidentally, it's the dessert that may mate Maurice had at our local restaurant when he took his w
  • Bramley Apple Tart
    This recipe shows that Bramley apples don't have to turn to 'mush' when cooked. The apples stay in well defined pieces. It makes a nice change from apple pie and is elegan
  • Chelsea Bun-ish Recipe
    Now I know if I call this recipe a Chelsea Bun, someone (You know who you are - Robert!) will come along and say, "Oh, no it's not, a Chelsea bun is made with currants, le
  • Chocolate 'fudge' Cake
    I originally posted this recipe in December 2007 but it proved so popular at a recent buffet that I make no apologies for re-posting it here. This cake is great! It's real
  • Pear and Almond Tart
    Hannah (my eldest daughter) has had a friend stopping so I felt I had to do a pudding with yesterday's dinner. Having been given some Conference pears I found that they we

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