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  • I'm Back!
    I'm back! I'm not dead! I've just had a break from posting for a while. To tell the truth, none of my experimental/test cures have gone right for the last couple of months
  • From Bad to Worse
    Doh! What possessed me to write about a luncheon meat when I hadn't finalised the recipe! Normally, it takes numerous trials to formulate a recipe; there's so many variabl
  • It's Not a Sin to Bin!
    It's Not a Sin to Bin! Or, so says the 'signature' of one of my friends on the sausagemaking.org forum . Oh boy! Was that relevant this weekend. Firstly, some ham pieces I
  • The bresaola is dead; long live the pastrami.
    We are sorry to announce that Mr Supermarket Bresaola passed away on Sunday, 26th July 2009. He had been losing weight for quite a time, but was still extremely soft. On c

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