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  • Casing the Lonzino
    The Lonzino's now cured having been left for 15 days. I've given it a wash and dry off and it's now been put into in a 90mm collagen casing to help it dry evenly throughou
  • More Pork to Process
    I've been up to my neck in pork for the past couple of days - that's why I've not written anything here. It's late so I can't go into all the details but here's some thing
  • Lonzino - Finished
    Today I've sliced some of the lonzino that I started back in June. Getting to this stage has not been without it's problems, what with a new fridge set up for the drying,
  • Lonzino Drying
    The Lonzino has been curing for 12 days. I've washed and dried it and put into a 90mm collagen casing. The casing was tied (badly!) and pricked to aid drying. I'll leave i
  • Lonzino
    It's not been a very productive week as I've been 'on bed rest' because of a small pressure sore. However, I have managed to start off a Lonzino Stagionata. I think this i

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