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  • Spanish Omelette 'Tortilla'
    Given that the Spanish were in S. America for such a long time, and that in Mexico they speak Spanish, I've always found it odd that 'tortilla' has a different meaning in
  • Tandoori Chicken Thighs
    My interest in Indian food started around 1976. With hindsight, I spent too many late nights pigging myself on onion bhajis, chicken tikka and kulfi in The Rajah on Highcr
  • Cassoulet
    It says it all really. In England we eat this: In France they have this: Now, not wishing to come over as a food snob (albeit I am!) I have to admit to having Heinz Beans
  • Bacon and Cheese Quiche
    There you go, I'm being posh and calling it quiche! It's really a good old bacon and cheese flan. It's a pity that so many poor imitations of this superb rich savoury egg
  • Lentils and spinach
    It could be said that I lack a love of lentils. I guess, like most things, it's what you're brought up with that decides our preferences in later life. Now, don't get me w
  • Chicken Galantine
    The main oven on our cooker's decided to go on strike, leaving only the small top oven for cooking today's chicken. To give more room muggins here decided to bone and stuf
  • Beef Casserole
    The weather seems to have turned cold again so there's nothing better than a good old beef casserole to 'warm the cockles of your heart'. Here's one that Pauline made earl
  • Egg and Bacon Pie
    I came across this recipe on The Cottage Smallholder . What caught my eye was the fact that all the ingredients are assembled raw and then cooked together. This makes it f
  • Rebel Chicken Pie
    Monday's is always flamin' leftovers - what a pain! This week I was going to do a topical post about pancakes stuffed with chicken and ham, coated with sauce and baked, bu
  • Butcher's Faggots
    I've posted before about making faggots, but they were the type you buy in gravy from the shops. This recipe is for the more traditional faggot that you get from a good bu
  • Cornish Pasties
    A recent BBC news item about a group of pasty enthusiasts travelling 220 miles just to eat pasties reminded me that I photographed a pasty making session a few months ago,
  • Onion Confit Quiche
    This quiche was what you'd call a long shot, but surprisingly everyone loved it. Not exactly a recipe, more a method: A good few hours before you want the quiche, peel and
  • Salt (Corned) Beef
    In this country we are used to corned beef out of a tin. The corned beef I am making is more like an unsmoked version of Pastrami. It gets its name from the 'corn'; grains
  • Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
    As a Leicestershire bloke, the Pork Pie I make is of the Melton Mowbray variety: a pie made 'free standing', not in a tin, with plain not cured pork that is chopped not mi
  • In a bit of a Stew
    We decided to have a stew/casserole today, only to realise, after we had defrosted the meat, that we hadn't got any root veg to put in it! Oh well, make do and mend, we'll
  • Faggots. No 'Brains' Needed
    An article in the Farmers' Guardian titled 'Offal renaissance to boost livestock industry' reminded me that I had a bag of pig's 'bits' in the freezer, ready for making fa
  • Spagetti Bolognese & Garlic Bread
    No, I'm not going to give a definitive recipe for Bolognese sauce – there's plenty out there online if you need one. Instead, let's have a little look at what the sauce sh

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