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  • Fruit Tarts
    Once you've mastered the Pâte sucrée recipe there are numerous things that you can use it for. One of the nicest is a fruit tart. Whether made with one type of fruit or ma
  • Pâte sucrée (sweet shortcrust pastry) & Afternoon Tea
    Mum and Dad have recently celebrated their Diamond (60th) Wedding Anniversary. As well as sending them to a local restaurant for a meal, we decided to have an 'afternoon t
  • Plum Tart
    Colin brought me a bag of plums along with the peaches that I posted about previously . What to do with them? Well, sometimes you just feel like doing something different;
  • Pear and Almond Tart recipe
    This is the last of the three pastry dishes that I made last weekend. Coincidentally, it's the dessert that may mate Maurice had at our local restaurant when he took his w
  • Bacon and Cheese Quiche
    There you go, I'm being posh and calling it quiche! It's really a good old bacon and cheese flan. It's a pity that so many poor imitations of this superb rich savoury egg
  • Bramley Apple Tart
    This recipe shows that Bramley apples don't have to turn to 'mush' when cooked. The apples stay in well defined pieces. It makes a nice change from apple pie and is elegan
  • Rebel Chicken Pie
    Monday's is always flamin' leftovers - what a pain! This week I was going to do a topical post about pancakes stuffed with chicken and ham, coated with sauce and baked, bu
  • Cornish Pasties
    A recent BBC news item about a group of pasty enthusiasts travelling 220 miles just to eat pasties reminded me that I photographed a pasty making session a few months ago,
  • Onion Confit Quiche
    This quiche was what you'd call a long shot, but surprisingly everyone loved it. Not exactly a recipe, more a method: A good few hours before you want the quiche, peel and
  • Samosas
    My mate John brought me some samosas to try. They're from a shop on Green Lane Road and are superb. Mind you, the Tamarind dip which accompanied them about blew my brains
  • Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
    As a Leicestershire bloke, the Pork Pie I make is of the Melton Mowbray variety: a pie made 'free standing', not in a tin, with plain not cured pork that is chopped not mi
  • Pork Pie 'Sausage' Rolls
    You know those days when you get the most stupid ideas? Well, today was one of them. I thought I would try out a new pastry recipe for pork pie. Why? I don't know, everyon
  • The 'Roughest' Rough Puff
    I always intend to prepare for Christmas in plenty of time, but it never seems to happen! One thing I do like to make is my own sausage rolls. There is no comparison betwe
  • Cheese Choux Nibbles
    Choux pastry rings alarm bells with many people who presume it to be the domain of the professional pastry chef. In fact, as pastry goes, it's one of the simplest – it doe
  • Pear and Almond Tart
    Hannah (my eldest daughter) has had a friend stopping so I felt I had to do a pudding with yesterday's dinner. Having been given some Conference pears I found that they we

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