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  • Tandoori Chicken Thighs
    My interest in Indian food started around 1976. With hindsight, I spent too many late nights pigging myself on onion bhajis, chicken tikka and kulfi in The Rajah on Highcr
  • Cassoulet
    It says it all really. In England we eat this: In France they have this: Now, not wishing to come over as a food snob (albeit I am!) I have to admit to having Heinz Beans
  • Chicken Galantine
    The main oven on our cooker's decided to go on strike, leaving only the small top oven for cooking today's chicken. To give more room muggins here decided to bone and stuf
  • Chicken with Garlic, Lemon and Basil
    In a scene reminiscent of Jesse in the Fast Show the food blogging community seems to be writing en masse about Abel and Cole's new line of free-range chickens. It appears
  • Rebel Chicken Pie
    Monday's is always flamin' leftovers - what a pain! This week I was going to do a topical post about pancakes stuffed with chicken and ham, coated with sauce and baked, bu

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