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  • Nduja
    I sometimes wonder if someone 'up there' has got something against me? When it comes to making salami, if it can go wrong, rest assured it will! At the moment I don't have
  • 12 Days On
    The pork that I processed on the 2nd February is now 10 days down the line. The small piece of bacon is cured and has been washed and is hanging to dry for a few days befo
  • More Pork to Process
    I've been up to my neck in pork for the past couple of days - that's why I've not written anything here. It's late so I can't go into all the details but here's some thing
  • Genoa Salami
    To try out my new drying fridge I wanted a simple salami recipe and chose one of Len Poli's (adobe .pdf file). It's a Genoa salami, but it's not of Italian origin; the fam

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