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  • Bresaola - Recipe and Calculator
    For those that don't know, Bresaola is an air-dried beef that originates in the north of Italy. In the past, I've always made it using Jason Molinari's recipe from curedme
  • Pancetta de Thurlaston
    Doh! I left the pancetta to dry far more than I'd intended. It doesn't need to dry nearly as much when it's for cooking as it does for eating uncooked. It was left until i
  • Lomo embuchado
    It seems an age since I started this last batch of cures, although it's only just over 6 weeks - not long when air drying meat. However, the Lomo that was cased for drying
  • Curing Update II
    Right, where are we at with all the cures I started? Well, as can be seen from the previous post , the Ventrèche is done, but what of the other things that were put to cur
  • Ventrèche - Bacon by another name
    I've written here and here about the Gascon salted pork called Ventrèche, a bacon that, at it's most traditional seems to be cured with just salt as a curing agent, howeve
  • Curing Update
    The meat from The Weekend's Curing a couple of weeks ago, is coming along fine. They've been in a fridge at around 6 - 7°C, a little higher than you'd normally run a domes
  • Garlic and Ham Luncheon Meat
    Luncheon meat is one of the best illustrations of the British relationship with food; call something Luncheon Meat and it's sold as a product in the supermarket's budget r
  • Nduja
    I sometimes wonder if someone 'up there' has got something against me? When it comes to making salami, if it can go wrong, rest assured it will! At the moment I don't have
  • Casing the Lonzino
    The Lonzino's now cured having been left for 15 days. I've given it a wash and dry off and it's now been put into in a 90mm collagen casing to help it dry evenly throughou
  • 12 Days On
    The pork that I processed on the 2nd February is now 10 days down the line. The small piece of bacon is cured and has been washed and is hanging to dry for a few days befo
  • More Pork to Process
    I've been up to my neck in pork for the past couple of days - that's why I've not written anything here. It's late so I can't go into all the details but here's some thing
  • Pancetta di Thurlaston
    I wrote before Christmas that I was making a Pancetta and was cutting right back on the spices. I know this because I've just had to look at my previous post to see why I'
  • My Petard's Been Hoisted!
    I was in 'two minds' whether to write my last post about the Genoa Salami, particularly as it was the 'trial run' for the new drying fridge set-up. However, given that thi
  • Genoa Salami
    To try out my new drying fridge I wanted a simple salami recipe and chose one of Len Poli's (adobe .pdf file). It's a Genoa salami, but it's not of Italian origin; the fam
  • Mortadella with Pistachios
    It's great to get back to doing some real sausage making. We're fast running out of ham, bacon and sausage from my last mammoth session, so it's time to clear all the froz
  • More Chorizo - New Recipe
    When I started making my latest batch of ASDA clone chorizo on the 17th October it was my intention to photograph everything and create a sort of mini-tutorial. Needless t
  • The Coppa Finished
    I took the Coppa out of the drying fridge yesterday and to be honest I'm a bit disappointed; the flavours fine, not much sign of the paprika, but there's a nice warm after
  • The Monster Bresaola - II
    The bresaola has now been curing for 21 days. I have taken it out of its cure, washed it briefly, and have strung it for drying. Regrettably, I don't have a casing large e
  • The Monster Bresaola
    Sometimes curing boils down to 'flying by the seat of your pants'! Let me explain: it all started a week last Tuesday when we went to get some meat from Joseph Morris's at
  • Chorizo Version 2
    My second attempt at chorizo has certainly turned out better than the first, despite the crisis when the casings proved to be too small. My nephew Mickey reckons they're j
  • Coppa - Drying
    It's now 23 days into making air-dried Coppa. Yesterday I took the meat out of it's cure, washed and dried it, and left it to dry in the fridge for about 6 hours before st
  • Bresaola - Finished
    The bresaola that was based on a recipe from Jason Molinari has now finished drying; it's lost a total of 38% of its original weight. It tastes as good as it looks.
  • Lonzino - Finished
    Today I've sliced some of the lonzino that I started back in June. Getting to this stage has not been without it's problems, what with a new fridge set up for the drying,
  • The bresaola is dead; long live the pastrami.
    We are sorry to announce that Mr Supermarket Bresaola passed away on Sunday, 26th July 2009. He had been losing weight for quite a time, but was still extremely soft. On c
  • Lonzino Drying
    The Lonzino has been curing for 12 days. I've washed and dried it and put into a 90mm collagen casing. The casing was tied (badly!) and pricked to aid drying. I'll leave i
  • Bresaola - drying
    Things are somewhat 'on hold' because I'm still languishing in the pit others call a bed. It's always this time of year when things go wrong; it's annoying as I should be
  • Lonzino
    It's not been a very productive week as I've been 'on bed rest' because of a small pressure sore. However, I have managed to start off a Lonzino Stagionata. I think this i
  • Bresaola
    Having sorted out my Curing Fridge , it was about time I started air-drying meat in earnest. Having said, "sorting out my curing fridge", it's taken one further item of eq
  • Pancetta di Larbo
    I mentioned in this post that I was making a rolled pancetta - pancetta arrotolata - from a recipe by my mate Larbo who now lives in the US. It's unusual as it's flavoured
  • Pork 'Haslet' Luncheon Meat
    Maybe it's not the time to be writing about another pork sausage, with the pork futures market in free-fall, due to the outbreak of flu in Mexico from the H1N1 virus. Comm
  • She Bent My Sausage!
    Well I made Ham Luncheon Meat on Sunday, and what a kerfuffle! You see, you shouldn't make a sausage this size... ...unless you've got a pan large enough to cook it in: Sl
  • Chorizo
    If I can make it, so can you. Before drying. After Drying. Recipe and instructions? Shortly.
  • Pancetta Part 3 - ready to use
    When we left the pancetta last time I was having problems with the humidity. It was my hygrometer that was at fault and a new one has solved the problem! I got it off ebay
  • Pancetta - Part 2
    For updated information about making a curing chamber see - Converting a Fridge into a Curing Chamber The Pancetta I started on the 13th November was left to cure a week l
  • Pigs and Pancetta
    Many local farm suppliers are only too happy to sell you half a pig, usually rare breed; Gloucester Old Spot and the like. They generally weigh around 55-60lbs for the who

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