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  • The Far-Famed Cambridge Sausage
    When I came across a sausage called the "Far-Famed Cambridge Sausage" in a 1938 'Handy Guide for Pork Butchers', I couldn't resist making it? But what type of sausage was
  • 12 Days On
    The pork that I processed on the 2nd February is now 10 days down the line. The small piece of bacon is cured and has been washed and is hanging to dry for a few days befo
  • More Pork to Process
    I've been up to my neck in pork for the past couple of days - that's why I've not written anything here. It's late so I can't go into all the details but here's some thing
  • Mortadella with Pistachios
    It's great to get back to doing some real sausage making. We're fast running out of ham, bacon and sausage from my last mammoth session, so it's time to clear all the froz
  • Pork and Apple Sausage
    I've been tied up with other projects recently so have had little time for cooking and curing. It never ceases to amaze me how dear the supermarket's meat is, when I compa
  • The Monster Bresaola - II
    The bresaola has now been curing for 21 days. I have taken it out of its cure, washed it briefly, and have strung it for drying. Regrettably, I don't have a casing large e
  • The Half Pig - Cured
    No, not 'cured' as in running around again! But, what I've done with the half-pig I got a couple of weeks ago. Well sad to say, the 4kg of Everyday Sausage I made from the
  • Pork 'Haslet' Luncheon Meat
    Maybe it's not the time to be writing about another pork sausage, with the pork futures market in free-fall, due to the outbreak of flu in Mexico from the H1N1 virus. Comm
  • She Bent My Sausage!
    Well I made Ham Luncheon Meat on Sunday, and what a kerfuffle! You see, you shouldn't make a sausage this size... ...unless you've got a pan large enough to cook it in: Sl
  • Hot Dog Sausages - The recipe
    When I wrote about my first attempt to make hot dog sausages I posted the link to the original recipe that I adapted. It's by Big Guy at the sausagemaking.org forum. I've
  • Hot Dog Sausages
    Whilst the chorizo I made looked great, they were actually very crumbly when cut. I have since found out that the recipe I used originally didn't have citric acid in it, i
  • Chorizo
    If I can make it, so can you. Before drying. After Drying. Recipe and instructions? Shortly.
  • Pigs and Pancetta
    Many local farm suppliers are only too happy to sell you half a pig, usually rare breed; Gloucester Old Spot and the like. They generally weigh around 55-60lbs for the who
  • Smoked Polish Sausage
    I've finally got my new smoker up and running - albeit only the hot-smoking side of it at present. Monday saw Pauline and me off to Ashwood Smoking Chips in Kettering (015

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