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  • The Far-Famed Cambridge Sausage
    When I came across a sausage called the "Far-Famed Cambridge Sausage" in a 1938 'Handy Guide for Pork Butchers', I couldn't resist making it? But what type of sausage was
  • Mortadella with Pistachios
    It's great to get back to doing some real sausage making. We're fast running out of ham, bacon and sausage from my last mammoth session, so it's time to clear all the froz
  • Irish White Pudding
    Now with Ingredients Calculator Some time back I posted about my trials of an Irish White Pudding recipe that I developed in collaboration with my forum mate John. Now, I
  • More Chorizo - New Recipe
    When I started making my latest batch of ASDA clone chorizo on the 17th October it was my intention to photograph everything and create a sort of mini-tutorial. Needless t
  • Hot Dog Sausages - The recipe
    When I wrote about my first attempt to make hot dog sausages I posted the link to the original recipe that I adapted. It's by Big Guy at the sausagemaking.org forum. I've
  • The Thurlaston Sausage
    This sausage is an amended version of the Every Day Pork Sausage that I posted a while ago. The first version is a nice peppery sausage that we all like a lot. The family,
  • The 'Every Day' Pork Sausage
    This is the every day Pork Sausage that I make for Pauline . She prefers thin sausage in sheeps' casings. Sheeps' casings are harder to use than hogs' as they split more e
  • Not Lincolnshire Sausage
    This sausage formulation was posted on the sausagemaking.org forum with slight adaption of the method by me. It has been developed from a recipe that I believe was origina

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