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  • Mushroom and Kale Soup
    Blimey, not another soup recipe! We've already had nettle, tomato, wild garlic, chicken, vegetable, artichoke, pumpkin, and even another mushroom one! I know, I know, but
  • Nettle Soup
    Mention something for nothing and my eyes generally light up - that's how I came to be making nettle soup. The first thing to do is persuade someone to pick a bowl of youn
  • Tomato Soup a.k.a. Ghost's Blood!
    Well that's crept up on me without me noticing! It's Halloween on Monday: that special day when little kids can 'mug' old people with impunity! At this point, 'proper' blo
  • If you go down to the woods...
    If you go down to the woods... ...it's likely that you'll find some wild garlic. Or, if you've a good friend who house-sits where there's a woodland garden, you may be luc
  • Chicken (or Turkey) and Vegetable Soup
    Food blogs and the TV seem full of 'Credit Crunch' recipes. No, don't be daft, not recipes to cause a 'credit crunch', recipes to use the leftovers and cheaper foods! Bubb
  • Vegetable Soup
    You know, there are some days when you just can't be bothered. Today was one of them. Pauline seems to have got a 'bug' and I think I'm 'sickening' for it so neither of us
  • Artichoke Soup
    It started last week when Dad asked me what root veg has a top like a sunflower – turns out, it's Jerusalem Artichoke. Now, the only thing I know about this veg is its pro
  • Halloween Waste
    Four days ago I wrote about a report that about a third of all food bought in theis country is wasted. I read today, in Speciality Food Magazine that Halloween is now the
  • Pumpkin Soup
    Emma and her boyfriend were carving pumpkins yesterday. One that they had bought had some bruising so they decided not to use it. Dad, therefore, ends up with a pumpkin to

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